About Us

Our Mission is ... 
 to inspire, encourage, and support survivors of all cancers  to triumph over the disease.  HEALING DRAGONS...paddle for health, wellness, mental and physical support, and to prevail over cancer.  The collective and corroborative efforts of the Team, Volunteers, Supporters, Sponsors, and Survivors strive to improve the quality of life, not only for the survivors, but for the families, through knowledge, education and friendship.




The Healing Dragons of Charlotte has helped and supported us in starting a team in Morganton, NC. A group of three women who have gone through Breast Cancer thought this would be a great opportunity to bring this fastest growing water sport in the USA to Morganton. Between  the three of us we have participated in numerous fundraising events for Cancer Research. Some of which include, Windsor, Canada; Lake Lure, NC; Charlotte,NC; Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Anderson, SC., Johnson City, TN., Richmond, VA., Orlando, FL., and Chattanooga, TN.